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The Function of The

The Function of The The Function of â€Å"The† The Function of â€Å"The† By Mark Nichol I thought that it was intriguing, while exploring this point, the definition for the in Merriam-Webster’s online word reference is close to as long as this post and that’s for only one lot of capacities for the word, as a distinct article. The additionally capacities, less regularly, as a verb modifier (â€Å"I like that one the best†) and, once in a while, a relational word utilized instead of per (â€Å"Those cost ten dollars the dozen†). Furthermore, for what reason would it be advisable for anyone to want to gaze the upward in the word reference? Isn’t it self-evident? With regards to significance, truly, the job of the in a sentence is clear. In any case, it’s not in every case clear whether the cast of characters in the sentence must incorporate that job. Consider the sentence â€Å"I watched out over the land.† The essayist depicts reviewing a specific plot of land. Notwithstanding, â€Å"The cost of land has gone down lately† excludes the on the grounds that no particular plot of land is being talked about; the subject is the idea of land when all is said in done. In any case, notice that in these almost indistinguishable sentences, the distinction in importance is by all accounts the converse of the distinction in the past section: â€Å"I spilled water out of the pitcher† clarifies what was poured, while â€Å"I spilled the water out of the pitcher† underscores where the water originated from. Notice, notwithstanding, that in those models and the pair that follow, the is a marker for a subsequent reference: â€Å"I put the shoes on and strolled outside† stresses the specific pair of shoes, which apparently have just been alluded to. â€Å"I put shoes on and strolled outside† points out no extraordinary the shoes; the sentence simply depicts the writer’s routine fundamental to leaving the premises. Once in a while the nearness or nonappearance or the in a sentence is unessential; the individual cited could have utilized either utilization: â€Å"She’ll have the strawberry cheesecake† distinguishes the specific treat a cafe wishes to be served, one either noticeable to the speaker or recorded on a menu a strict or inferred second reference. â€Å"She’ll have strawberry cheesecake† implies something very similar with the unobtrusive distinction that the speaker isn't legitimately suggesting the pastry choice obvious as a cut or a reference in text. Be that as it may, on account of the pair of sentences about the shoes, the past reference might be significant; these are enchantment shoes we’re finding out about, for instance. â€Å"I put shoes on and strolled outside† apparently deserts the abnormal footwear; â€Å"I put the shoes on and strolled outside† moves the plot along. The is purposely discarded in numerous sorts of use. For example, most references to nations (â€Å"Afghanistan,† â€Å"Zimbabwe†) need no distinct article, nor do references to their residents (â€Å"Afghanis,† Zimbabweans†), except if, once more, a specific subgroup is being referred to (â€Å"The Afghanis in the visit bunch kept to themselves†). Exemptions incorporate utilization of â€Å"the Netherlands† and comparative geologically impacted names. A similar principle applies to names of other topographical or geopolitical highlights (â€Å"Mount Everest,† yet â€Å"the Himalayas†; â€Å"Hawaii,† yet â€Å"the Hawaiian Islands†; â€Å"Lake Tahoe†, however â€Å"the Great Salt Lake†). Strangely, journalists who might never wrongly omit the before â€Å"Netherlands† or â€Å"Hawaiian Islands† as often as possible cease from going before names of associations: â€Å"March of Dimes Foundation was established in 1938.† Admittedly, a few names don't justify the unmistakable article, however they are normally self-evident (â€Å"Project Reason,† â€Å"People for the American Way†). Be that as it may, rationale should abrogate poor utilization. The People for the American Way Foundation, related with the association named in the last model, mistakenly self-distinguishes as â€Å"People for the American Way Foundation.† The dependable guideline is that any authoritative name finishing in a word alluding to the substance (establishment, association, venture, and so forth.) requires the distinct article, similarly as a nonexclusive reference, for example, â€Å"the foundation† merits it. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities every day! Continue learning! Peruse the Grammar class, check our well known posts, or pick a related post below:Arrive To versus Show up At50 Latin Phrases You Should KnowForming the Comparative of One-syllable Adjectives

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Quality Services Improvement

Quality Services Improvement The Quality of Services in Emirates Airlines: The Challenges of Continuous Improvement Rundown This examination inspects nature of administrations at Emirates Airlines and considers the related market direction. The examination likewise looks at difficulties and roads for consistent improvement. These between associated destinations shape three research addresses that are tended to dependent on client reactions to an organized instrument. This instrument has its inceptions implanted in the abundance of improvements in methodological angles to do with administration quality evaluation. The ‘perception-desire hole and the hole concerning ‘service conveyance are surveyed over a large number of research examines that are pegged around the focal applied element of SERVQUAL. This idea is talked about in detail remembering cases of its utilization for looking at the carrier business. An organized close finished survey advises this examination that utilizes information produced from 250 respondents. The examination is restricted in methodological meticulousness because of utilization of elucidating insights alone and yet gives a rich account utilizing the information that is regularly impractical except if results are emphatically slanted for the situation on inferential measurements. The absence of heartiness has emerged because of information holes which the examination recognizes. Discoveries recommend that staff preparing on understanding the extent of administration quality, and proceeding with modernization and foundation redesign ought to be on the motivation at Emirates. The outcomes additionally show that customized consideration gave to clients is a key selling point in why clients pick Emirates, yet that there is absence of understanding identified with appropriate client relations the executives. Some clashing outcomes additionally will in general recommend that the division between client desires and recognitions is affected by the relative contributions contender carriers make. There is likewise a clue that momentary asset catalysts like long standing customer plans don't do a lot to improve administration quality discernments. It is the drawn out implanted advancement of staff abilities and comprehension about the all encompassing nature of administration quality that may end up being ‘the competency for continued upper hand. The investigatio n places a requirement for additional examination in creating practically identical help quality measurements across universal aircrafts that are accessible just in the US at present (AQR), and furthermore a requirement for near contextual analyses in the business to educate globalization expectations. Part 1: Introduction 1.1. Foundation Emirates aircrafts is one of the biggest and presumably the most reliably gainful carriers of ongoing occasions. Since its beginning in 1985 it has developed cosmically and over the most recent few years it has set out upon an armada update and extension that diminutive people other significant aircrafts. It cruised through the 9/11 related downturn in flight business, and the unsettling influence in the inlet to turn into an aircrafts whose achievement equation confuses the executives astuteness. Spur of the moment answers for issues and issues as they emerge appears to have worked exceedingly well for the aircraft. The carrier professes to have an open culture and an open plan where the need of protection doesn't subsume the need to convey from singular capabilities under what can be named a ‘fluid system process (Sull et al, 2006). The attention on fine issues and full scale perspectives the same are shared over all administration levels containing a multi-social workforce l ike no other carrier. The organization is accustomed to making jumps whether it is by utilizing the acknowledgment from aircraft of the year grant in 1994 to build up itself among the mammoths, to the monstrous armada extension in 2004-2005-to turn into the jealousy of even the goliaths. Enduring the 9/11 wretchedness plainly focuses to the benefits in Emirates approach. The key issue appears in working as a family, where when different carriers were scaling back and cutting staff, Emirates kept business as usual on these fronts and conveyed a sentiment of having a place in its staff. This was the vital switch that propped Emirates up and in reality even thrive in times that were so going after for the business. As Carlzon (1989) notes in his rearward refered to work ‘Moments of Truth this is leveling of structure in the genuine sense so messages get across rapidly and adequately makes for a â€Å"powerful association that serves clients better and releases the vitality in employees†. In any case, assembling both these to calibrate the market direction through help quality is a test particularly in the midst of development and high force in outside variables influencing the business. Different convictions at Emirates like around the success of Dubai that it keeps as the operational hub of its system, and keeping a somewhat moderate standpoint towards alliancing with different aircrafts are not ordinary. These shape an adaptable center around which other attitudinal and conduct parts of the plan of action rise. This rise has frequently been punctuated with forced or pondered change this examination happens during a period of thought change that of fast development of Emirates carriers over the globe (Leckic, 2007). The receptiveness additionally rises above into the convictions the carrier has. The aircraft presently looks to develop all the more forcefully and decrease clear fixating on Dubai. Making a worldwide brand dependent on current achievement is on the motivation. The carrier understands that notorieties in a help industry are utilized around administration quality. In this light as it loosens up to steering over the globe and recruiting more staff and obtaining physical framework, that administration quality doesn't get bargained stays a worry near heart (Sull et al, 2006; Byles, 2007, Leckic, 2007; Sending 2008). 1.2. Inspiration The universal aircraft industry has seen a battle to convey productivity close by ‘truly fulfilling the flying open (Van Pham and Simpson, 2000). The alliancing game plans, course mapping and offering bundled benefits through such collusions have attempted to influence industry norms of administration quality-which may not be the genuine impression of client desires. The view of clients about what is vital to support quality vis-à -vis the situation in essential for advising administration quality activities and the market direction of a firm. Obviously given the dynamic idea of contributions that exist across businesses including the carrier business, such desire observation adjusts are persistently moving, and are significantly progressively quick moving for an aircraft that is developing quickly and experiencing new clients around the world. The test additionally in this manner stretches out to one of consistent improvement (Emirates, 2005-2007). Given the accomplishment of Emirates and its remarkable development and plans for development, obviously client observations will be fundamental to choosing execution later on. In the midst of development and extension to new courses the likelihood of variety in administration quality levels and variety in client desires is probably going to be higher. How the aircraft can ingest such input to change and tweak its vital showcasing in the worldwide condition is fascinating for supervisors, scholastics, and the more extensive industry - all having been flabbergasted at the Emirates story up until this point. This investigation analyzes client observations about assistance quality and relates it with advertise direction to consider over the path forward for Emirates, obviously something exceptionally key to research and specialist premiums in Emirates. The suggestions may likewise have some something worth mulling over for the carrier itself as it looks for constant upgrades for a story that is now a smash hit. From a methodological point of view the utilization of administration quality evaluation approaches like the SERVQUAL and its interface with the market direction of the organization has been an inspiration (Webb, 2000; Engelland, 1998; Devlin et al; 2002; Van Pham and Simpson, 2006). That these have educated the carrier business among others on administration quality, client and market direction among others make this examination established on vigorous hypothetical and methodological grounds. 1.3. Research Questions This exposition looks to inspect administration quality at emirates, and analyze the path forward as the carrier tries to advertise its picture in the midst of fast speculation and development. The main expands upon the second as it is administration quality discernments as client sees that should be the center when forming advertising procedures. This is specifically for a plan of action that is well resourced as on account of Emirates and the principle concern is by all accounts of checking and improving client take-up of administration quality as the carrier develops. This is to be contextualized with the market direction of the organization so far for molding key activities that can enlarge the arrangement between client impression of administration with their desires for the equivalent. Therefore three focal inquiries that educate this paper are: What components influence administration quality observations about Emirates carriers? What variables are seen to be focal in advising constant help quality improvement activities? How do these discernments partner with the market direction of the carrier from past activities? 1.4. Paper Outline The paper begins with a prologue to the specific situation, extension and potential commitments from this investigation as here. The following section looks at the writing in detail inspecting the idea of value before driving on to support quality and research to create methodological and theoretical standards around it. Market direction as a supplement and related perspective is likewise abided upon before shutting the writing audit that additionally utilizes investigate proof across enterprises including the aircraft business. The theories advancement section connects the examination inquiries to the scenery of administration

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Wichita Wichita wich ´itô , city (1990 pop. 304,011), seat of Sedgwick co., S central Kans., at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers; inc. 1870. It is the chief commercial and industrial center of S Kansas and the largest city in the state. It has railroad shops, flour mills, meatpacking plants, grain elevators, oil refineries, and a major aircraft industry. Other manufactures include machinery, electrical products, and computer equipment. Wichita is located on the site of a Native American village (1863â€"65) inhabited by Wichitas who had been driven out of Oklahoma and Texas for their Union sympathies during the Civil War. A trading post was established there in 1864, and the city was founded in 1868 by settlers serving the Chisholm Trail . In 1872 the railroad was extended to Wichita and the city boomed as a cow town. After 1880 it became the trade center of an agricultural and livestock region. Oil was discovered just E of Wichita in 1915. The city has many ci vic and cultural facilities, including art museums, a symphony orchestra, a modernistic convention and cultural complex (Century II), and a large speech-and-hearing rehabilitation center. It has fine parks, a zoo, a cow-town restoration, and two large stadiums. It is the seat of Wichita State Univ., Friends Univ., and Newman Univ. Nearby is McConnell Air Force Base. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. Political Geography

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Essay On Iraq - 765 Words

United Kingdom has voted in favor of all the resolutions in which resolution 1-1 is based on; 1189 (1998), 1269 (1999), 1368 (2001), and 1373 (2001). Thus, demonstrating a strong commitment to condemn terrorist attacks over the years. Once again, United Kingdom will vote in favor of a resolution that is believed to maintain worldwide peace and security, to condemn terrorist acts, and to foster cooperation between nations in order to solve the conflict. Through peaceful and diplomatic processes, the United Nations has tried to disarm Sadam Hussein in 12 years, consecutively after his wars in which hundreds of thousands died. The government of United Kingdom is aware of Iraq’s lack of effort to comply with passed relevant resolutions and†¦show more content†¦France will be an ally since President Chirac opposes the intervention of Iraq’s sovereign borders and seeks for an increased Iraqi cooperation by extending inspection and giving Iraq more time to comply. China will be an ally since they support giving more time for inspections and Iraqi cooperation. Russian confederation will be an adversary since they may have different perceptions of the Iraq conflict. Historically, they have contradicted the proliferation of Western ideas in politics and society. This conflict will provide United Kingdom with an opportunity to strengthen diplomatic relations with the Russian confederation. United Kingdom will reiterate its efforts to favor the integration of Russia in the international system and global economy. Thus, attempting to build a strategic partnership with Russia in favor of the European region. 3. Although, United Kingdom acknowledges Iraq’s history and its lack of effort to comply with previous resolutions, the government considers as strengths in this resolution the states’ attempt to solve Iraq’s conflict through peaceful processes. United Kingdom’s government perceive weakness in clause #9, since the country is not interested in engaging in a coalition of states intervention to make Iraq comply with resolutions forcefully. United Kingdom’s interests and values are portrayed in the clauses of the resolution 1-1, except for clause #9. United Kingdom’s government believes that theShow MoreRelatedIraq Essay1738 Words   |  7 Pagesare the result of war. Most people in the world do not know what it is like to live through a civil war, but many kids and families in the country of Iraq know nothing else. Since 1918 Iraq has been in a civil war. You may be asking â€Å"how could a conflict endure for this long?†. The answer to that question is that the three general groups that Iraq is composed of remain in constant conflict. The Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites have never and will never get along. The Iraqi government uses its power toRead MoreIraq Essay1023 Words   |  5 Pages The Republic of Iraq is a country that has gone through extreme damages due to multiple wars causing a lot of harm to its people, wildlife, and the environment. It is a country governed by democracy and is rich in history as it became independent from Britain and Saddam Husseins Baath Party. Air Defense Artillery was able to show its capabilities when they intercepted a tactical ballistic missile that was launched from Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2013. Because of this event, KuwaitRead MoreIraq Essay768 Words   |  4 PagesIraq, is officially named â€Å"The Republic of Iraq†. The country is located in Asia. The media of Iraq was very under the radar until the year of 2003, after the Iraq war. The laws of havi ng only one news station were abolished. Journalists were allowed the freedom to report the news, as they saw it first hand. Iraq is also one of the most strategic land of business opportunities in the middle east. In the middle east, Iraq is known to be of extremely high quality, in their education. It is taught inRead MoreIraq Essay730 Words   |  3 PagesTo be successful in Iraq, and in any war for that matter, our use of force must be tied to a political objective more complete than the ouster of a regime. To date, that has not happened in Iraq. It is time it did. In the past week the situation in Iraq has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. While we may have differed on how we went to war, Americans of all political persuasions are united in our determination to succeed. The extremists attacking our forces should know they will not succeedRead More War in Iraq Essay801 Words   |  4 Pages War in Iraq nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Picture this, you, in a 3rd world country, no friends no family for thousands of miles, hungry, not feeling so well, tired, exhausted and being forced to fight thousands of people who want you out of there country? Fun? I wouldn’t think so†¦ This is a reality for thousands of American Soldiers stationed in Iraq and maybe your reality if the draft is reinstated. Now, picture this. You’re watching the news, they are calling out birthdays, oh they choose yoursRead MoreWar In Iraq Essay1522 Words   |  7 Pagesinvaded sovereign country of Iraq. An invasion based on questionable intelligence and sold to the public as a national security issue. The financial cost to the US population has been enormous,â€Å"The U.S. war in Iraq has cost $1.7 trillion with an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans,† (Reuters).(2) However that pales in comparison to human cost the invasion has taken on the both the American and Iraqi peop le. Over 4,424 Americans have been killed in Iraq and 32,000 have been woundedRead MoreEssay about War in Iraq713 Words   |  3 Pages The war in Iraq brings up a lot of questions, about the future decisions of President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush. After the terrorist attack on the United States, which shook the whole world, US went to war with Iraq. I believe that this is a war on terrorism, and not an â€Å"Oil War†, how other like to refer to it. United States want to liberate people in Iraq and bring up the standards of living in that very rich, but at the same time poor country. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;BeforeRead MoreIraq and Democracy Essay711 Words   |  3 PagesIraq and Democracy Systems based on guaranteed freedoms, the rule of law, and peaceful electoral transitions are obviously desirable for all. Todays debate over bringing democracy to the Muslim Middle East often centers on whether the region is ready for democracy (Newsom). A number of problems the US has to face during transferring democratic essentials seems to just increase: ongoing fights in whole Iraq, a lack of governmental structure, a shortage of charismaticRead MoreWar in Iraq Essay1159 Words   |  5 Pagessky rocketed. The solution to this problem would have to be one that begins with the removal of all foreign troops from the Middle East. To begin, the major cause for resistance of the Islamic countries is the foreign occupation of countries like Iraq. This occupation occurred due to terrorists flying planes that had been high jacked into the Twin Towers and the World Trait Center. The occupation then began when former President Bush declared a war on terrorism and sent troops over to the MiddleRead More War with Iraq Essay1944 Words   |  8 Pages The war with Iraq began about fifteen years ago. Still to this day people are torn between going to war and trying to keep peace with Iraq. Back when the United States first had a problem with Iraq was when they invaded Kuwait in 1990, and refused to leave. Their were three main causes that made Iraq invade Kuwait. The Iraqi leaders have always considered Kuwait to be part of Iraq because of the way it used to be a long time ago. Second, the country of Kuwait is full of oil. I am sure that was the

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The French Revolution Essay example - 891 Words

The French Revolution The French Revolution evokes many different emotions and controversial issues in that some believe it was worth the cost and some dont. There is no doubt that the French Revolution did have major significance in history. Not only did the French gain their independence, but an industrial revolution also took place. One of the main issues of the Revolution was its human costs. Two writers, the first, Peter Kropotkin who was a Russian prince, and the other Simon Schama, a history professor, both had very opposing views on whether the wars fought by France during the Revolution were worth its human costs. Krapotkin believed that the French Revolution was the main turning point for not only France but for most†¦show more content†¦He also began one of the bloodiest periods in French history, the Reign of Terror. During the Reign of Terror, more than 30,000 people were executed, mainly for opposing Robespierres views. Late in 1794, Robespierre was put to death and a new lea der was looked for; this of course turned out to be Napoleon. With many conquered lands under his belt by 1798, Napoleon had a huge following and planned a coup detat. On November 18, 1799, Napoleon became the First Consul of France, or in his mind the dictator. Napoleon then crowned himself Emperor in 1804 and conquered many countries including Austria, Prussia, and Russia in 1805,06, and 07 respectively. Such a strong ruler is bound to fall eventually, this happened in 1815 with his death. Even with the many improvements to the country of France in the late 1700s and early 1800s, some still believe that the French Revolution was not worth its human costs. Detailed below are two opposing viewpoints on the topic. Peter Krapotkin, a revolutionary Russian prince, argues that the French Revolution paved the way for expansion and democratic growth. Krapotkins first argument is that the French monarchy before the Revolution deprived the lower class citizens of food and necessitie s. There was a shortage of food at the time, and the prices were too high for the lower class to afford. The monarchy also taxed the lower class, which made it even harder for them to afford the food that they needed. During theShow MoreRelatedThe French Revolution And French Revolutions2006 Words   |  9 PagesAlthough the American and French revolutions both took place in the late 18th century, both fought for independence, and both portrayed patriotism, the revolutions are markedly different in their origins; one which led to the world’s longest lasting democracy and the other to a Napoleonic Dictatorship. Political revolutions in America and France happened because people felt dissatisfied with the way their country was run. In North America they rebelled against rule from a foreign power, they wantedRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Revolution1523 Words   |  7 PagesThe French Revolution was a time rife with violence, with many revolutionaries using extreme actions to overturn the French Monarchy and create a government based on equality and justice, rather than tyranny and despotism. This violence reached gruesome and terrible heights throughout the revolution, but was justified by the revolutionaries, who believed that their goals of total equality, the end of tyranny, and the return to a virtuous society, allowed them to use means necessary to attain theseRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Revolution1336 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis The French Revolution was such an important time history. Not only was it a massacre with many lives being lost, including that of Queen Marie Antoinette and her husband King Louis XVI, it was also a time of great political turmoil which would turn man against man that being the case of Edmond Burke and Thomas Paine. Edmond Burke a traditionalist who believed the people should be loyal to the king against his former friend, Thomas Paine a free thinker who believed in order for things toRead MoreThe Revolution Of The French Revolution1040 Words   |  5 PagesWhile there were political and social causes of The French Revolution the most important cause was actually economic. A few years before the French’s revolution the French spent approximately 1.3 billion livres, 13 billion dollars, on the American Revolution. This gracious contribution caused trouble at home. The French Revolution was one of the most important events in history. While it changed the social structure in France it also affected many different countries across the world. â€Å"the treeRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Revolution1640 Words   |  7 Pages The French Revolution is often seen as one of the most influential and significant events in world history (Voices 9). The surge of rebellion present in those against the old regime, or Ancien Rà ©gime, inspired reformers for generations to come. Nevertheless, the French Revolution would not have occurred without the aid of the Enlightenment Thinkers, or Philosophà ©s. These Philosophà ©s’ ideas sparked the French Revolution. Prior to the French Revolution, France was radically different. It was theRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Revolution1321 Words   |  6 Pages The French Revolution The French Revolution was an iconic piece of history that help shape the world. It was a time were great battles occurred. Blood sheds happen almost every day. The streets were red by the blood of bodies that were dragged from being beheaded. The economy was in bad shape. But before all of this the French had a few goals but there was one goal that they all wanted and that was to get rid of the monarchy. This idea did not arrive out of nowhere, the commoners were influenceRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Revolution1223 Words   |  5 Pages French Revolution As the Enlightenment began in the middle of the 17th century, people began to use reason rather than stick to tradition. New Enlightenment ideas spread throughout Europe such as ideas on government. Enlightenment thinkers such as Rousenan believed that the best government was one formed with the general consent of the people. Other Enlightenment thinkers such as Voltaire and Montesquieu believed in freedom of speech and a separation of power within the government. All of theseRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Revolution1221 Words   |  5 PagesWhen people think of the French Revolution, they immediately think of the country of France and how the Revolution affected it. What most people do not think about however, is how the Revolution affected other countries, specifically the country of England. England was affected positively and negatively by the Revolution in that there was an increase of political involvement, but there was a collapse in the economy due to war declared by France. The French Revolution created a battle of conflictingRead MoreRevolutions And The French Revolution956 Words   |  4 Pages Revolutions are a common occurrence throughout world history. With the amount of revolutions in history, there are those that get lost and those that are the most remembered or well known. One of the well known revolutions is the French Revolution which occurred in the years 1789 to 1799. Before the French Revolution, France was ruled by an absolute monarchy, this meaning that one ruler had the supreme authority and that said authority was not restricted by any written laws, legislature, or customsRead MoreThe Revolution Of The French Revolution1636 Words   |  7 Pageswas an old fortress that had served as a royal prison and in which gunpowder was stored. This will be the place where Parisian crowds will lay siege on and use the gunpowder for their weapons, and this will become a great turning point in the French Revolution. 3) The Great Fear was the vast movement that the peasant insurgency of sacking nobles’ castles and burning documents would blend into. This attack was mainly because of seigneurial dues and church tithes that weighed heavily on many peasants

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Is the traditional two parent family best Free Essays

While it is shown in everyday life that traditional two parent families can raise DOD, healthy children, there is no solid evidence and certainly no law against the less traditional single parent family or same-sex parent family. In the following paragraphs I shall discuss the above statement. The argument for a two parent family is often that a child raised by two parents receives more attention and care, and that they experience less distress as they don’t have to suffer a separation or the repercussions of one. We will write a custom essay sample on Is the traditional two parent family best? or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although in many cases this can be true, it isn’t a solid argument as it is not certain that every child with only one arena receives little or less attention (it often depends on the parent(s’) profession(sub and It Is not certain that every child with only one parent Is In their situation because of a divorce or separation. Also, the effects of attention on children are not a case of ‘more attention means higher IQ’ or ‘more attention means happier child’, as the health and happiness of a child depends on a number of things. However, it is true that in cases where the child does not experience a separation or divorce, the child is much more likely to have a happy childhood. Another argument for traditional two parent families is that the child is raised in a stable environment and would experience less or no trauma. A Canadian experiment carried out with mice found that offspring raised by both parents developed more brain cells, as the mice with two parents were better cared for. However, the raising of mice is far simpler than the raising of human children, and the study depends on the Idea that If a child has two parents, they’re bound to have more attention. In reality, the amount of attention that a child gets depends on the nature of their arenas, their parents’ professions, the number of siblings that the child has, and perhaps whether or not the family has a nanny. It appears that it is true to say that children who receive more attention and care in their early years are better off, but not necessarily that children in traditional two parent families are going to receive a lot of attention and care. A widely accepted opinion of single parent families is that if a person is raising a child or children alone, the parent experiences the stresses and strains of parenting n a much more intense way than if they were not single, as they do not have a partner to help them, and that this is unfair on the child and results in issues for the child or children. Another Is that caring for a child alone means financial problems, as the family relies on only one wage rather than two, so children are more likely to be malnourished or face poverty in general. In the last 40 years, the number of single parent barnacles has almost tripled, and there Is a correlation In the number of teens and children being treated for eating disorders, which are often fuelled by unstable f things (for example, the pressure of society to have a certain type of body), but it is possible that the two things are connected. There are few strong arguments for single parent families rather than two parent families as opinion usually seems to be either that single parent families aren’t as good as two parent families, or that single parent families can be Just as good as two parent families, but it could be argued that in a single parent family, there aren’t disagreements between the two parents and that in some cases a child can be raised tit a lot of stability as they’re relying on one person alone. As a person who was raised in a two parent family but dealt with a parental separation in my late childhood, I can provide some insight to the effects of the two different types of family. I am thankful that I was raised in a two parent family, as it meant that overall there was a larger income for my family, which was fairly large, and I definitely agree that as an infant I received either the average or above average amount of attention needed for proper growth and development of a child, and this dead to me being an intelligent and functioning human being. I also agree with the idea that the separation of parents induces stress in a child, which I certainly felt. Although the separation itself wasn’t traumatic at all and took place in what was probably the best and most gradual way, I picked up on the stress of my parents and of course it isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. In conclusion, the development of a child depends on a large number of factors, and although the number of parents the child has is one of those factors, it is not the only one and it is often not the most important one. How to cite Is the traditional two parent family best?, Essays

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Cosi Essay Dale Tilley free essay sample

How Successful Has Lois Nowra Been in Challenging the Significant Ideas of Love, Fidelity, Sanity and Insanity in Cosi? In the play Cosi Louis Nowra challenges the important themes of love, fidelity, sanity and insanity within a range of dramatic techniques. Cosi is set in Melbourne, during the early 1970’s. Numerous political and radical events were occurring. The Vietnam War protest was raging, the sexual revolution was rolling, and mental illness was still misunderstood and mistreated. Due to these contexts, love, fidelity, sanity and insanity are big issues that surface throughout the play. Nowra comments on society’s issues. Firstly, he uses dialogue to convey the characters various thoughts and feelings towards these issues. Secondly, he uses symbols to comment on the treatment of mental patients. Thirdly, Nowra uses conflict to discuss the issues that are faced by society. Finally, Nowra uses character development to portray a shift in attitudes towards the issues. By examining these dramatic techniques, we are able to see how Nowra challenges the ideas of love, fidelity, sanity and insanity. One of the main and most important themes explored in Cosi is the question of love and fidelity. In Cosi, this issue is portrayed as a sore point for the characters, as most of them have split feelings about this topic and have very strong, different views. This is shown in Act 1 Scene 2 by Doug who says Women like to pretend they don’t play around but they’re just more secretive about it. Cherry and Ruth are very negative about sex, stating that most women work hard to keep men out of their pants. While Julie thinks that love is being foolish and stupid. Nowra uses these comments to show the characters feelings and thoughts towards love and fidelity. Another technique utilised in the play is conflict, in the context of love and fidelity, the topic ignites conflict between characters and the clash of conflicting views. Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection or to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to  someone. At the start of Cosi, love is thought to be not so important and a second hand emotion to anger and fear, which are the two main emotions driving the debate over the Vietnam War. At first, Lewis shares the same values as his best friend Nick, and his girlfriend Lucy, who believe that love isn’t important due to the ongoing Vietnam War. This is shown when Lewis says â€Å"Love is not so important nowadays. † (Page 10) Referring to the Vietnam War and the fact that with the turmoil and problems that the world is facing at that point in time, love is just not important and accepted with the way the world is at that point. This statement implies somewhat of a middle ground as it reflects the views and values of one group at the time, (the group who believes that love isn’t important in a time of crisis) but it challenges the attitudes of those who believed that love is in fact important and necessary in a time where hatred, anger and fear are so prominent. Julie â€Å"†¦That’s what love is, being foolish. I’ve always thought love was being foolish and stupid. It’s about being on the edge and I like being on the edge†. From this quote Julie believes that to be in love is to be silly and do foolish things, go places, see and do things you haven’t done before and just live on the edge. It also seems that July sees love as a drug or having a drug like effect, which could be relevant as she is in the mental institution due to a drug dependency. This statement challenges the attitudes towards love in the 1970’s because in this time, even though societies view was starting to change, love was still viewed to e a simple straight affair. Nowra uses the technique of dialogue to convey the feelings and thoughts towards love by the cast members. Fidelity is defined as faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support, or in the context of Cosi; Sexual faithfulness to a spouse or partner. Cosi is set in a period of ‘free love’ where the traditional morals and ideals of society were being questioned, and often rejected by the younger generation. Women had access to the new contraceptive pill and this made it easier for women to engage in sexual relations outside of marriage. This bought about a questioning of the need for marriage and fidelity. During the play it becomes apparent that Lucy (Louis’ girlfriend and roommate) and Nick (Louis’ best friend) are having an affair. Nick and Lucy both share similar beliefs that the Vietnam War protest is more important than anything else. Nick and Lucy are the presented as representatives of the more modern attitudes towards love and fidelity. This is shown by Lucy and Nick being advocates of free love and seeing sex and love as two different things, this is evident when Nick says to Lewis â€Å"She’s sleeping with you, were having sex† (referring to the relationship between Nick and Lucy. ) and â€Å"Lucy’s not possessive about you, I’m not possessive about her. What’s the fuss? † This shows how societies’ views of love and fidelity and what is acceptable are changing to a more laid back, free attitude. These quotes reflect the values and attitudes towards sex at the time, as women were now more freely engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage, and demonstrating ‘free love’. After Lewis’ learns of the affair between his best friend and girlfriend, he comes to the realisation that â€Å"Woman’s consistency is like an Arabian Phoenix†, which in this context, means a woman’s fidelity is often talked about and widely believed to be genuine, but never seen. Lewis now believes that women are deceitful and not to be trusted. The quote very much supports the attitudes of society towards fidelity as society viewed women to be untrustworthy and unfaithful. Another reference to fidelity in Cosi is the play with in the play, Cosi Fan Tutti, an opera written by (OddFuture) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1790. The title roughly translates into â€Å"Women are like that† and involves two men who pretend to go to war but rather, they stay and disguise themselves and attempt to prove their lovers infidelity, which they eventually do. This opera demonstrates a view that woman’s fidelity is an ideal that is never achieved. Cosi fan tutti encourages this theme and Cosi shares the same view. Cosi shows that this view of a woman’s faithfulness is a timeless view as it has spanned nearly two hundred years and is still shared in the play. Although the women in these two productions (Cosi and Cosi Fan Tutti) are unfaithful, so are the men. In Cosi Fan Tutti, the men do lie and disguise themselves from their lovers. Also, in Cosi, Lewis is unfaithful to Lucy as he kisses July. The line between sanity and insanity is explored through Nowra putting the patients side by side with society in the 1970’s. People who behaved abnormally were declared insane and placed in mental institutions that were shunned by society. While the institutionalised patients in Cosi were viewed as ‘madmen’ from outsiders, Lewis soon discovers that they are, in many ways, ordinary people. Societies’ treatment of supposedly ‘mentally ill’ people provides an important background to the play. Cosi shows  the state of the mental institutions of the  time in Australia. This is symbolised by the burnt out  theatre  at the mental institution. This setting of a burnt-out theatre depicts the miserable environment the patients of mental institutions are forced to live with. As they are ostracised by the community, a lack of care and support is shown through the rejected and deteriorating theatre. The treatment and misunderstanding of mental patients reflect the values and attitudes of society at the time, which were wrong and mislead. Insanity is described as â€Å"a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill†. Throughout Cosi, the patient’s sanity is referred to using the dramatic technique of dialogue. Society’s understanding and acceptance of mentally ill patients is very low and misinformed, this is evident in the quote from Nick â€Å"Mad actors are bad enough, but madmen†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This quote reflects the attitude and values of society extremely well. Nick, like the rest of society at the time, is uninformed and mislead about mental illness. He believes that conducting a play with mental patients would be an incredibly hard task to complete successfully. On the positive side of the sanity conflict theme, is Justin, a social worker, who believes the patients are â€Å"Normal people who have done extraordinary things, thought extraordinary thoughts. † Another quote from that supports the patients is: â€Å"The thing is, and you’ll discover this, is that they are just normal people, well, not quite normal, or else they wouldn’t be here, would they? † These statements are significant because they challenge the attitudes towards mental illness in the 1970’s, a time where mental illness was misunderstood and shunned. Justin brings a voice of understanding into Cosi, and appears to be the only ‘sane’ character that truly understands the patients and confronts the attitude of the time. Nowra uses the dramatic technique of dialogue to convey Justin’s understanding of the mental patients and give them normal qualities. Louis Nowra has successfully challenged the themes of love, fidelity, sanity and insanity through the skilled use of themes, techniques and context. Nowra has challenged society’s expectations of a woman’s rights and commitment and brought into light the treatment and misapprehension of mental patients during the 1970’s.